Teddy - PrintWelcome! My name is Teddy Ray. I’m the lead pastor of the Offerings Community of First United Methodist Church in Lexington, KY.1

I love the church, even when I don’t like her. I believe holiness is a real calling and an amazing gift. I’m constantly challenged, frustrated, and inspired by a call to simplicity & generosity. I’ve learned that brilliant people throughout history have a lot to teach us if we’ll listen. I think we give the church too much flak on many points, and not enough on others. (Communication will always be difficult and leaders need more grace than we often give them. But also, why do we keep trying to lead the church like a business enterprise… and spend money without theological reflection?)

I hope this blog can start some conversation between us––or among your friends or colleagues.


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Looking for a good place to start? Here’s a sample of the various questions I’m asking:

The Local Church’s Competition - Who are local churches competing against? What should their competition be?

Why I love Wesleyan theology - How Wesleyan theology has changed my life.

Jesus and Politics — How can Christians enter or abstain from the political fray?

Pastors’ Salaries and Church Buildings — How do we handle money wisely in the church?

10 Tips for New Seminary Students — Be sure to read the comments for lots of other good suggestions from others.

Why I am (Still) a Methodist — My best reasons for still being a Methodist.

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  1. Disclaimer: The opinions I express here don’t necessarily represent those of the Offerings Community, First UMC, or the United Methodist Church. This is my personal blog

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