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Welcome! My name is Teddy Ray. I’m currently a student at Yale Law School after 20 years in pastoral ministry in Kentucky. I’m not yet sure what that will mean for the future of this blog.

When I began seminary several years ago, I got wise advice about how the first year of seminary is “theological puberty.” That is, you’re going through rapid change and your voice will probably crack a lot. Not the best time for trying to speak with confidence. The same is surely true for law school, so I don’t expect to attempt much legal commentary, at least for this first year. And you shouldn’t want to hear it, anyway. But I hope to continue writing in some fashion, more likely about church, theology, and pastoral ministry in the near-term, perhaps with some legal integration later on.


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lcome! My name is Teddy Ray. I’m a pastor and preacher for the Offerings Community and the executive pastor of First United Methodist Church in Lexington, KY.

Disclaimer: The opinions I express here don’t necessarily represent those of the Offerings Community, First UMC, or the United Methodist Church. This is my personal blog.

My goal is to provide a pastoral voice on issues related to the church, its ministry, and Christian living. I do this as someone with much hope for the church and for Christianity in the West, but also as someone concerned that the North American Church has lost its way on a number of points. With that, I hope some of these thoughts will point to a different way of being church, doing ministry, and living as Christians than what seems most prevalent today.

I hope this can be a connection-point for like-minded people. I hope it will give you a place to send others whom you’d like to bring into the conversation. And I hope it will provide a place for others to give me new ideas or challenge some of my current ones.


You can contact me via e-mail or follow me on Twitter or Facebook.

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Looking for a good place to start? These are the posts that have been most popular:

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Why I love Wesleyan theology – How Wesleyan theology has changed my life.

Jesus and Politics – How can Christians enter or abstain from the political fray?

Pastors’ Salaries and Church Buildings – How do we handle money wisely in the church?

10 Tips for New Seminary Students – Be sure to read the comments for lots of other good suggestions from others.

Christians and Pornography – This is a big problem among professing Christians. And it goes well beyond what many consider “porn.”

Why I am (Still) a Methodist – My best reasons for still being a Methodist.

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  1. It’s late now, but I must take time and pour over your blog, very interesting, thank you for all your hard work. The Lord’s blessings!

  2. I’m very thankful for you and the other voices God has gifted and raised up to speak for Biblical, orthodox, classical Wesleyan theology and doctrine. God bless you.

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