Economic Inequality and Societies

wealth distribution


In light of my previous post on Christians, Capitalism, and Ayn Rand, I’m going to share a fascinating video and an insightful infographic.

I’ll keep my commentary brief and related to the previous post…

The video shows the health and social problems that rise with economic inequality. If we assume that we can’t fix the broader inequality, perhaps Christians and churches could look to those problem areas as primary places to get involved. How can we contribute something positive in areas of imprisonment, teenage births, obesity, mental illness and addiction…?

The video is nearly 17 minutes long. It’s worth it. Find some time and watch.

The infographic below is enlightening. It shows a marked gap between our perception and reality regarding wealth distribution. Credit to James K. A. Smith (@james_ka_smith), whose symposium I mentioned in the last post, for sharing the graphic.

This isn’t really a theological post. The last one was. This is just to stimulate some further thoughts in light of that one. What do you think?

wealth distribution