Top Posts for May – Worship, Calling, Children, and the UMC

My Top 10 Posts in May:

1. What kind of worship service do you have? – Defining worship by style or substance.

2. Encounter or Entertainment? (pt. I) – How do we keep our worship focused on a transformative encounter with God, not comfortable entertainment?

3. The Modern Pastor – Sent or Called? – What if pastors aren’t supposed to be sent or called?

4. Family Worship – A model for worshiping at home as a family.

5. The best children’s ministry in town… – Why what you’re doing in the living room is far more important than what’s happening in the church’s children’s wing.

6. The Personal Test: In it for the money? – How do you know you’re not taking the next job opening for the money?

7. Why the American UMC is Dying a (Somewhat) Slow Death, and Concerned Leaders’ Best Response (pt. I) – A disappointing story that illustrates one of the causes of the American UMC’s decline.

8. Why the American UMC is Dying… (pt. II) – Hope, encouragement, and a challenge to leaders amidst despair and decline.

9. Encounter or Entertainment (pt. II): Worship and Wounds – Why we shouldn’t stray from experiencing or inflicting some wounds in worship, and how we might do that.

10. Grace to you and Peace – Pointing a way forward with an attitude of grace and peace.

Thanks for all of your comments, shares, tweets, and kind words.

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