A statistical call to ministry…

I don’t plan to reblog often. But if you haven’t seen this from my friend Jonathan, I wanted to make sure you did.

jonathan powers

Last week I had the privilege of serving as a lay delegate to the Kentucky Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church. As this was my first time attending the conference in this capacity, I had the opportunity to sit in on many discussions on the current state of the Methodist church in Kentucky. Some of the details shared were quite encouraging. Some were very challenging. Some were deeply unsettling.

Below, I offer statistics reflecting Kentucky United Methodist Churches (KYUMC) in 2011. I share these statistics first of all to inform. Many were new to me, and they may be to you as well. You may not be Methodist or live in Kentucky, but I believe these statistics are fairly representative to many American churches. Second, I pray that this information will convict and urge you toward action, as they have done for me.

According to the conference treasurer’s report…

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