Top Posts for June – Pastors, Money, and Relevance

My top 10 posts in June, by number of views:

1. Pastors’ Salaries and Church Buildings – The church is using money very differently than our earlier traditions expected. What can we learn from them?

2. What does ordination mean? – Methodists answer 19 historic questions when they are ordained. How many of them do we still really expect? How many are just historical?

3. The Modern Pastor and the Reformed Pastor – Lead a fine worship. Visit the people. What if pastors did more of that and less of everything else?

4. 3 culture changes that should change how we handle leadership roles – American culture is quickly changing. Are the Church’s leadership structures keeping up?

5. Relevance and Holiness – When to choose relevance over holiness.

6. The Modern Pastor and Seminary Debt – Why I don’t believe you should take on debt to go to seminary.

7. The Personal Test: In it for the Money? – Taking serious steps to make sure we’re not taking ministry positions for the money.

8. The Modern Pastor – Sent or Called? – Pastors of New Testament communities weren’t “sent.” And they weren’t “called,” either. Maybe we’re making too much of those ideas.

9. Crying out to save ourselves – Why cry out when no one seems to be listening? To save ourselves.

10. The Local Pastor and the Itinerant Apostle in Scripture – The New Testament consistently shows traveling apostles and local pastors/elders as two distinct roles.

Thanks for all of your comments, shares, tweets, and kind words.

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