The proper Christian use of money (for both individuals and the Church) has long been one of my primary interests. John Meunier’s post here is a great prod. Scripture’s teaching about money – and Wesley’s constant reminders from it – have been a constant challenge and conviction in my life.


Are these teachings good and true? If so, how do we more fully live them?

John Meunier

John Wesley’s teachings about money and riches are nearly as popular today as they were in his day — which means not much at all.

Actor Mark Topping has an excellent re-enactment of a portion of Wesley’s eighth sermon on the Sermon of the Mount.

We hear this sermon with as much discomfort and outrage as people did in Wesley’s day. Wesley’s own journals and writings indicate he was driven almost to despair by the way even the people called Methodists would not obey the plain, Scriptural teaching about money and wealth.

From the sermon above:

“Lay not up for” thyself “treasures upon earth.” This is a flat, positive command; full as clear as “Thou shalt not commit adultery.” How then is it possible for a rich man to grow richer without denying the Lord that bought him? Yea, how can any man who has already the necessaries of…

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