Top 5 for July

Again, thanks for all of your shares, comments, and e-mails this month. I’m enjoying the number of conversations that some of these posts have led to. Two top 5 lists…

Top 5 Posts for July
1. The coming church budget crunch
2. Re-evangelizing America with changes in our ministry roles
3. How Sunday School created a theologically illiterate American Church
4. John Wesley never heard of a traveling pastor
5. How is it with your soul?

And one that I thought might generate some discussion but didn’t, so I’ll link it again… Stealing

Top 5 Commenters for July
1. John Leek – John writes good things about ministry and the UMC at Check it out.
2. Aaron Mansfield – Aaron no longer blogs (or Facebooks, or tweets – he pretty much just visits and shares the gospel now), but you can find his old blog here: And he wrote a guest post for me a while back: How to Become an Evangelist.
3. Lauren Wilson – Lauren doesn’t blog, but she asks good questions.
4. Shannon Blosser – Shannon is a journalist-turned-pastor and soon-to-be dad. You’ll get a mix of those things at
5. John Meunier – John writes like a scholar about ministry, theology and the UMC at, but he has never been to seminary. Sadly, it sounds like he plans to shut down shop for a while when he starts seminary classes this fall.

Thanks to all of you for adding to the discussion.

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