Top 5 August Posts

top 5Once again, thanks for all of your shares, tweets, comments, and e-mails this month. Here are August’s top 5…

1 – Jesus and Politics – Thanks to the Christian Left Facebook page for sharing this post with their nearly 100,000 followers. I got more pageviews in a day than in all of July. A bit unusual since what I’m suggesting is that Christians shouldn’t be aligned with the right or the left, but I’ll take it…

2 – Why I am (Still) a Methodist – With so many different (non)-denominations out there, I’ve been asked a number of times why I’m a Methodist. Here are my best reasons.

3 – Christians, Capitalism, and Ayn Rand – How I realized most of the assumptions behind capitalism (and socialism) contradict a Christian worldview.

4 – 10 Tips for New Seminary Students – Be sure to also read the comments for many others’ added tips.

5 – Why Weekly Eucharist? – I make my case here for weekly communion in Sunday morning worship. I’ve been excited to hear of at least one church that is making the transition now.

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