A new root metaphor for evangelism

evangelizingWell this is just brilliant:

Some years ago, I suggested that American evangelism needed a new root metaphor: journalism, as opposed to salesmanship. The key to that argument was the issue whether the gospel is a commodity or a message of good news, and if a message of good news, whether the news is still unfolding.

A Christ-centered evangel leaves no doubt at all about the answer. For the risen Christ is at work in the world in the person of the Holy Spirit, preparing for the ultimate family reunion promised by God, the ultimate parent.

Our evangelism must therefore begin with the headlines of this tremendous good news; it must be informed about the world in which it is to be announced and about the persons with whom it is to be shared; it must be edited so that it is indeed good news; and it must report new happenings as God’s salvation unfolds.

For too long Christ’s editors have filled their columns with in-house gossip and have made personnel their priority rather than news coverage. It is time indeed for a radical change.

From David Lowes Watson, “Christ All in All: The Recovery of the Gospel for Evangelism in the United States,” in The Church Between Gospel and Culture. 

The entire essay is incredible. I’m restraining myself from posting at least three other equally profound and/or provocative quotes from it. You should find a way to get your hands on it.

What would it mean to handle the gospel as journalism as opposed to salesmanship?

And what do you think Watson means about “in-house gossip” and making personnel priority rather than news coverage?

Please share in the comments. I’d love to talk about this more.

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