The Book of Revelation in Summary

This fall, we preached through the full book of Revelation in my community. It was a greatly challenging and greatly rewarding book.

We preached through it not because we were trying to figure out which historical figure is the beast, and what the “666” mark would look like. We didn’t pull out timelines and charts. We preached through it because we believe it’s a book for us today. And we found in it great words of comfort from God, and a great challenge from God.

The last chapter – Revelation 22 – serves as a bit of a summary. I thought I’d provide the video for that sermon as a Cliffs’ Notes sort of look at the book, for any of you who are interested. I preached it on December 30.


One thought on “The Book of Revelation in Summary

  1. I appreciate your thoughts here. I am in my late 40s and since I was a child Revelation has been hammered in my head that I should fear all these things coming on the earth. It wasn’t until my late 30s that I actually read it without being terrified! However, as you point out, for the Christian there is much hopefulness in the book, especially the last couple chapters concerning the new earth to come,, as well as vital instruction, as to the Seven churches.

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