Opening our eyes to a world of possibilities

making manifestIn the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.

God is the Creator of all things.

What do humans “create”? In a sense, nothing. All of our work is derivative. “Derivative work” is frowned upon pretty heavily in the art world. Quit imitating someone else and do something original! Contribute something new to the mix!

But in relation to God, it’s all derivative. At the root, the very act of creating is an imitation of our Creator. And it’s good.

When we create good things, we honor a God who placed humanity in a “good” garden and tells them to work it and take care of it. From the beginning, the story of God and humanity has been that God is the ultimate Creator, but then he entrusts his creation to us and tells us to keep working, keep producing, keep adding our own sweat and energy to the mix.

So while God finished all the work he had been doing in creation on that sixth day, he didn’t tell the man and woman to leave it alone because it was all perfect. He called them to keep working on it.

When we take the good things God has given, when we stop and notice the things in front of us, and then continue to work and create and produce, we imitate the Creator in a way that he seems to have intended from the beginning.

You may have experienced a certain connection with God in your own creating. You’ve felt a little more alive – like you were doing what you’ve been made to do – discovering a few of the endless possibilities in this world we’ve been given, and making a contribution.

The world is full of possibilities. Once we start creating, we start seeing more of them. The greatest artists and inventors in history haven’t run out of things to create — hitting their crowning achievement, then running out of ideas. They’ve run out of time. Because the possibilities are endless, and the more we create, the more we see down that endless stream of possibility.

We need yours. What is it you have to create? Will it be written word, visual art, video? A new small business or a charitable organization? Actual food from the ground or fruit from the tree? The possibilities are endless…

Whatever it is we contribute, it seems that the first steps are to know our Creator and his creation. And the more clearly we see each of these, the more clearly we see ourselves and those next possibilities for creation. Derivative creations, yes, but there’s no shame in imitating the Creator of all things.

Want a place to start? You really must check out Making Manifest, just out by Dave Harrity.

And watch this excellent video trailer:

One thought on “Opening our eyes to a world of possibilities

  1. I am not sure of humans creating anything at all. I think God took care of everything in the beginning, its all out there. All that we can is re-arrange it.

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