Sexuality and Theology – A running start

man and woman
Looks like a DVD boxed set, doesn’t it? Nope. Just a really big book.

In my post on Sexuality and Webbed Theology, I said I would soon be posting my sermon, “Eucharist Sexuality.” This is far from a comprehensive approach to the topic. That would require a book. Or more. But I hope it’s as promised – a running start.

Eucharist Sexuality – mp3 [Click to listen on-line, right-click to download]

The times of silence are me moving two trees into the front of the room. The first at the left of the room, the second at the right.

The interest in this topic beforehand was greater than any other sermons in recent memory. In only a day since preaching about it, I’ve already had more responses from people and pastoral opportunity than with just about any other topic.

I think what I had sensed was true: the Church has done a poor job helping people understand and properly practice their sexuality, and a lot of people have been (whether they knew it or not) waiting for some theological guidance.

I can agree with my friend who said that nearly all of the decent and deep work in this field (at least of what I’ve seen) has come from the Anglicans and Roman Catholics. If you’re interested in doing some reading, let me suggest:

I’d love to hear your questions and thoughts.

3 thoughts on “Sexuality and Theology – A running start

  1. I have not read the article you linked to by Christopher West, but wanted to recommend his book “The Good News about Sex and Marriage” in which he explains Catholic teaching on marriage and sexuality (if you haven’t already read it).

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