Getting High Is Low On Young Evangelicals’ Priority List

This excellent post by Crawford Wiley was so good that I wanted to be sure you saw it.

Where I Begun

If by now you haven’t read the article Young Evangelicals Are Getting High, go thou and do likewise.

It’s about time, anyway, that somebody addressed this.  Not all young people leaving Evangelical circles are leaving the church; some are under the distinct impression that they’re only just now really becoming part of it.  Why is this?  If Evangelical young people are abandoning the churches in which they were raised in favor of Anglicanism, High Lutheranism, Roman Catholicism, and Orthodoxy, there must be some sort of compelling reason.  Or not.  But we may as well speculate, no?  (For purposes of sloppiness in this post, I’ll lump Evangelicalism, Fundamentalism, and Mainline Protestantism together under the name Evangelical.  Hopefully this will be tremendously confusing.)

The author of YEAGH more or less arrives at the conclusion that young Evangelicals are tired of a seeker-sensitive “let’s give ’em what they want” church…

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2 thoughts on “Getting High Is Low On Young Evangelicals’ Priority List

  1. Thank you for sharing, Teddy!!! Wow. And prayers for the language transition for you and the fam…Thom and I enjoyed your post about the ‘buzz’:)

  2. Mainliners keep hoping this migration will refill their depleted pews. Don’t count on it. Young evangelicals thirsting for mystery reconstituting zombie congregations is a fantasy. Young evangelicals have sophisticated palettes now. That’s all this means.

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