Modern Pastor Series

My (likely ongoing) “Modern Pastor” series is an attempt to deconstruct some common notions about how pastors must go about their vocations today and to offer some alternative suggestions.

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A call to ministry is a call to public life – I keep hearing things about pastors maintaining a professional distance from their congregations, not sharing too much of their personal lives. I think it’s baloney…

Why part-time local pastor? – The ministry values, family values, and theological rationale for why I’ve chosen to be a part-time local pastor.

– Ministry Needs, Family Values, and Balance – Do you balance ministry and family more like Billy Graham and Bill Bright, or like Rob Bell and Andy Stanley?

– Re-evangelizing America with changes in our ministry roles – Are there different ways to view the roles of the pastor and preacher? Ways that may better empower us for nurturing believers and witnessing to our culture?

– The Modern Pastor – Sent or Called? – Were the earliest pastors sent or called? What if the answer is “neither”?

– The Modern Pastor and the Business(wo)man – The problem of the pastor as CEO.

– The Modern Pastor and Money – How do we handle the church’s use of money? Some guides from history.

– The Modern Pastor and Seminary Debt – Seminary debt can seriously limit pastors today. What can we do about it?

– The Modern Pastor and the Reformed Pastor – “Lead a fine worship. Visit the people.” Learning from Richard Baxter about what pastoral duties should (and shouldn’t) entail.

– The Modern Pastor transitioning to weekly Eucharist – Do you have weekly communion in worship? My case for why you should consider it.

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