Pastor: The First 20 Years

I’m now in my twentieth year of pastoral ministry. I’m writing reflections on my experience so far. I’m sharing these as a way to share some aspects of pastoral ministry that I don’t see highlighted or clarified often. I hope it might help people who consider going into ministry, inspire other pastors to think about the similarities and differences in their own experiences, or help church members see things from a different perspective. 

  1. “Ministry: Calling and delight”
    On knowing (or not) your calling. And on the joys of ministry.
  2. “What do pastors do all week?”
    On what a “typical” weekly schedule looks like.
  3. “9 things I’ve learned about God, life, and myself from pastoral counseling”
    On pastoral counseling, what it is, what it’s not, and what it reveals about God and human nature.