The “Earthly City” and cultural transformation

I linked a James K. A. Smith article on economics earlier this week, and now I’m going to link another one – this on politics and engagement in the world. “How (Not) to be Worldly: Tracing the Borders of the ‘Earthly City'” published in Christianity Today.

The analysis of the earthly city is cautionary, pressing Christians to recognize that cultural systems are often fundamentally dis-ordered, in need of both resistance and reordering by Christian labor in all streams of culture.

You’ll find here another angle at what I’ve been suggesting about Christians and politics. It will give you a small introduction to Augustine’s City of God, one of my Top 10 Christian Classics. If you see anything that seems to contradict what I’ve been saying, there’s a misunderstanding or miscommunication somewhere, because I wholly agree with Smith.

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