Piling on, coming to the rescue, or sitting idly by…

Something a bit different for Saturday afternoon:

Every time someone struggles, stumbles, outright screws up when they shouldn’t, you have choices…

Poor girl. And the crowd reacted about as one would expect. A great, exciting moment in her life turned into a humiliating experience.

Now try this one…

This one could have ended up the same way. But here someone comes to her aid. And then the crowd gets behind her. Remove the guy (with no singing voice) from this equation, and this could have ended up another humiliation and another laughing or booing crowd.

When you see someone failing, what do you do? Joining the masses, wherever they go, is standard and easy. Or just as easy is to sit by and watch – not interject yourself into a bad moment. There’s probably no expectation that you come to the rescue. You might even reveal your own less-than-stellar voice if you do.

People of courage tend to emerge at the point of crisis. They step out when a person or group is on the brink of disaster. They step out at their own risk – and at a time when they didn’t have to. When no one steps up, we get video #1. When someone does, we get video #2. Which would you rather be a part of?

One thought on “Piling on, coming to the rescue, or sitting idly by…

  1. Great demonstration! Truly it is a great experience to lift someone up. And as you note, he didn’t even need a great singing voice. What a blessing when he hugged her!

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