Best reads 2012, mine and others

In case you have some spare time at the end of this holiday season, I thought I’d give you some recommended online reading.

Before those – perhaps you could give me some help. I’ve really enjoyed the opportunities for conversation this first year of blogging has afforded. You can help me do that better by telling me something about you. Send me an e-mail or comment at bottom (anonymous is fine) to tell me:

  1. Which of my particular posts, or topics, have been most helpful or thought-provoking for you this year?
  2. What particular issues would you like to see more about next year?

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First, my 10 favorite articles this year – based on when I found them, not necessarily when they were posted. This is an eclectic assortment. I’ll try to break into a few categories.



  • Love Wins – An insightful video comparing the Orthodox view of salvation with the mainstream substitutionary atonement views.
  • Temper, Temper by John Meunier. I picked something representative from John Meunier’s blog. You should read them all. This is one of many posts highlighting John Wesley’s (and thus Meunier’s) focus on holiness.
  • Why Biblical Studies? by J. R. Daniel Kirk. A great defense of biblical studies as a discipline.

Something Else 


Most popular

These 10 posts received the most pageviews and shares. If you shared any of them with others, thanks for your help!

  1. Jesus and Politics – I wonder if my questions – “Republican or Democrat?” “Capitalism or Socialism?” “Big government or Small government?” – were the wrong questions all these years.
  2. How Sunday School created a theologically illiterate American Church
  3. Christians, Capitalism, and Ayn Rand – Why I came to believe Christianity is incompatible with capitalism – and socialism.
  4. 10 Tips for New Seminary Students
  5. Christians and Pornography – Made worse by the recent article that said 50 Shades of Grey held three places in the top-10 selling books for 2012.
  6. Why Weekly Eucharist? 
  7. What does ordination mean? – Or, “The biggest lie told at Annual Conference each year.”
  8. Pastors’ Salaries and Church Buildings – Learning from the early Methodists about how to spend (and not spend) money.
  9. School shootings, a world with devils filled, Advent, and Revelation 20 – Interpreting the Newtown shootings through the church calendar and the Bible.
  10. The coming church budget crunch – It’s nearly inevitable at this point. You should at least be aware.

Personal favorites

These 5 didn’t make the above list, but they’re among my favorites.

Again, many thanks! Talk to you again in 2013.

2 thoughts on “Best reads 2012, mine and others

  1. Hey Teddy,

    Thanks for posting this. I missed your “How Sunday School created a theologically illiterate American Church”, and I thought it was brilliant.

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